Police Potion Love&Power sono i filtri afrodisiaci del 21esimo secolo. Racchiusi in un inedito design ispirato alle antiche ampolle, l’iconico teschio rivela la natura pericolosamente addictive delle due fragranze: una tentazione cui è impossibile resistere!

Gli influencers italiani Francesco Monte e Cristina Buccino sono i volti di Police Potion Love&Power.


Two elixirs of love and pure energy for a brand-new bottle. Let yourself be seduced by the alchemy.

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Francesco and Cristina are the interpreters of these new fragrances: both self-confident artists boasting eclectic personalities, they emanate an intense and bewitching sensuality without ever fully revealing themselves.

An elegant palazzo, a laboratory where magnetic potions come to life, two lovers who, guided by the scent of the other, seek each other out and find themselves inebriated by an irresistible aroma. Miss Love and Mr Power are alchemists and - at the same time - objects of desire, masters of their own destiny, passionate and intense much like the fragrances they wear.
This exclusive duo of scents, flaunting a strong identity, invites you to enter a new dimension of Police Fragrances, targeting men and women who love to express their personality through what they wear, fascinated by the past... and dreamers of the future.

The shape of the bottle is inspired by ancient ampoules, revisited in a contemporary and timeless key. Cherry pink for her and deep blue for him with an ombré design from top to bottom, revealing the mystery of the fragrance. In the box, an alchemy-inspired motif of coloured smoke in shades of pink and light blue recalls the mysterious world of potions.

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