Passionate about freedom, since 1983

Right from the start, Police has stood for defining your own style—one that lives and thrives away from the catwalks and transient trends. The brand has always spoken the language of freedom and rebellion. Police was, and is, daring. Both in its style and in the quality, the innovation, the pioneering design of its glasses. Wearing Police is asserting your own personality. Audacity and determination are very much part of the Police DNA. That same DNA that thrives in Police watches, fragrances, jewels and leather goods.

These are the values that drive us

It is the focus of our research, the premise and the final goal of what we do because we know that it is a never-ending work.

We’re attracted by the individual and his ability to make a difference, but we steer clear from solitary idols. Every man has strategies and unique weapons to reach his own success.

We believe that only through serious efforts we can reach our objectives, change what we don’t like, push past our limits. We are curious about the future. We explore it fearlessly, because we know any obstacle on our path can be overcome with research and determination. We are given choices. Every one we make, takes us a step closer to our true selves. We are bold, optimistic, independent, determined and curious.


We want to be the choice for those who are eager to explore new possibilities. Through continuous research, we design elements to personalize the look of those who choose Police, allowing them to express their freedom through a personal style. We bring our idea of style and freedom in 100 countries all over the world, creating dedicated collections that talk the language of our people, wherever they are. From Asia to Europe, from Central America to Africa.